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Monday, June 23, 2008

BBC NEWS | UK | MP calls for mass squirrel cull

BBC NEWS | UK | MP calls for mass squirrel cull: "By trapping the greys and then shooting them, Lord Redesdale said he was recreating space for the native red squirrels.
But Andrew Tyler, the director of Animal Aid, told Five Live the project was 'absurd'.
'It's hateful and bigoted,' he said.
'The reason the red squirrel is endangered in terms of its population is because it is being persecuted by people."

Return To The Forest

Return To The Forest for a blog filled with squirrel-based writings.

"The landing was a sensation like nothing the squirrels had ever experienced before. The roaring sound surrounded them, the sensation of speed increased, and an unexpected bounce lifted them off their feet. Something unseen flung them tumbling and rolling into the soft material of the pack, where Bravo clung to Paddington, shivering and bewildered. "

Photographing Squirrels

Here's a flickr set of the artistic squirrel jetset at work.

Here's an old-school website documenting his efforts.Photographing Squirrels

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